Flash revenues gaining in 2022

Flash Express maintained its status as the fastest -growing logistics and courier company in the country as it accelerates its world-class operations to meet Filipino consumers’ logistics demands by offering speedy services and expanding its business and successfully covering 90 percent of serviceable areas nationwide in just less than a year.

Flash Express Public Relations and Media Relations manager Reginald Rex Pumihic said that since its launch in August 2021, Flash continues to provide fast and reliable services to local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) as it sets new plans and projects that will further improve customer experience.

Operation Delibilis

The logistics and courier service company has recently announced its #Delibilis campaign where it highlights Flash Express as being expeditious when it comes to deliveries.

Pumihic said that the company after successfully materializing its business plans in the first quarter of 2022, has recorded a sudden spike in its daily delivery transactions, which the company is equipped to accommodate as it continues to boost its operations alongside its business units like Flash Home and Flash Shop.

“With the excellent strategic plan of adding more hubs and distribution centers across the country, simultaneously, the company was able to establish and start acquiring Flash Shops and Flash Home partners making our services easily available to our customers reaching the company’s expansion plan beyond target at 90 percent serviceable areas nationwide in just less than a year,” Pumihic said.

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