Mang Romy’s offers ‘lugaw’ for P2

Online interest keeps on rising for the Valenzuela City-offered lugaw (porridge), which costs only two pesos.

The video of a tiny store located along Pio Valenzuela Road in Valenzuela City has been uploaded on the Facebook page of Manuel Olazo Food and Travel. The online community engaged with the video in interesting ways.

The owner known only as “Mang Romy” is seen in the video selling an extremely cheap “lugaw’’ to a customer. The tasty porridge costs only P2, which is incredibly affordable, especially for those who are less fortunate. With this price, a family of five may be fed for just P10.

In 1974, Romeo “Mang Romy” Velasco opened a lugawan shop on McArthur Street. He charges P0.25 for a cup of porridge, and after 48 years, he raises the price to P1.35. He also boasts about the mouthwatering quality of his reasonably priced lugaw.

Velasco said, “Walang mantika ‘yong lugaw ko. Hindi sila nasusuyang kumain, hanggang 3, hanggang 4 na tasa, nakakakain sila. Hindi kamukha ng iba na lumulutang sa taba.”

He just wished to serve the public with reasonable meals, especially those who are less privileged. He acknowledged that he made no profits from the sale of “lugaw” and only made money from his other dishes, such as tokwa’t-baboy.

Owing to his business, Mang Romy was able to send his children to college. Thanks to his “lugaw,” he can also afford to support his wife as she pursues her master’s degree in America.

Velasco’s lugaw was also honored with the influential food business award.

Although his son has long encouraged him to come to America, Velasco’s message to his customers is that he will not leave them.

Velasco pledged to continue providing others with their porridge in order to satisfy their need, despite rising food prices.

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