Living the ‘double life’

Welcome to the real world” is an exciting greeting for a student who just got off campus and recruited for a job — yet what does it really mean?

Most students share the same sentiments that studying is not as easy as what you see in the movies.

Yet the more you grasp reality, you’ll realize that school is not as easy and there is more to it than just acing a class or being a part of a famous clique.

In Filipino culture, the standard of being successful is to stick to the idea that by a certain age, you need to have accomplished a particular milestone in life; specifically, in your 20s — you just have to get it together.

But not everyone who dreams of college and getting a degree is given a chance. To some, they need to go the extra mile to pursue their studies.

Even the opportunity to study has become a privilege rather than a right.

On passion and time

Three years ago, no one ever knew that the world would pause. The pandemic has taken a toll on every industry, and no one was exempted. Everybody’s life has drifted in a different direction.

Schools were forced to conform to the new normal, and unfortunately, the gap between the social classes has been further widened. As time seemed to momentarily freeze because of the pandemic, many plans changed and many dreams were set aside.

The situation grew to be more complicated and meeting the world’s expectations would mean so much to a young adult trying to figure out how to survive life.

Passion and practicality made it challenging to choose between continuing once’s studies or not. Many had to decide to earn money to pay for their education or help their families; some needed to stop while others needed to be working students.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/ kyle gregory devaras

Suddenly, many had to participate in helping augment the family income. Working students need to live a double life. Time is precious because everything is times two the challenge.

Not everyone is born with a golden spoon, but people need to understand that no one should look down on students who need to get a job or postpone their studies because it is a necessary path.

To be a crew in a fast-food restaurant, a call center agent and a commissioned artist is something to be proud of. One moment you live as a student, and the next hour, you show up at work for a shift.

Not everyone will understand your struggle, but those who do will appreciate the sacrifices you make to get where you are supposed to be.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/siora photography
not everyone who dreams of college and getting a degree is given a chance. Some need to go the extra mile to pursue their studies.

If you need to take your time off school — whether it’s for any reasons that affect your physical, mental, or financial well-being — it is understandable and okay.

You are young. There is no race to run. Move forward at your own pace, and the time will come you’ll find yourself relishing the life that’s truly meant for you.

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