Message from the great outdoors

In a sea of information online and offline, delivering one’s product messages could get lost in all sort of platforms. But beyond traditional and new media, the final bastion that may yet offer engagement and impact would be the out-of-home advertising, more populalry known as billboards.

With an estimated 700,000 mix of motorists, commuters and pedestrians on Edsa every day, companies are going out again after the two years of focusing on an audience in quarantine.

Alvin Carranza, CEO of Digital Out of Home Inc. (DOOH) and the country’s pioneer in billboard advertising emphasizes the strength of his chosen platform with a “sky’s the limit” proposition — literally, he says, especially with towering LED billboards covering the entire side of a high-rise building.


But with health and safety given great attention, he shares, “The public should also know that players like us go through the promise of securing permits and ensuring our billboards are structurally sound. It’s not just about advertising but also about engineering”

He also shared that billboards have also evolved as an important tool for public information. When the pandemic began, for instance, DOOH felt the economic impact as well when clients dwindled and enforced a wait-and-see attitude.

The ever enterprising Carranza, however, decided to use the down time to do his company’s share in encouraging the public to keep safe and healthy. “That time, we used the content to share information on health protocols, to remind the public to practice social distancing, to stay safe. We even shared some inspirational quotes to get motorists and commuters through their challenging days. Those were our own company efforts.”

DOOH felt he economic impact when clients dwindled and
enforced wait-and-see attitude.

On his “sky’s the limit” advocacy, Carranza believes that with people returning to their workplaces and finally traveling to their dream destinations, billboards truly serve as message boards for public information.

He observes, “Billboards have pretty much become an important part of our life and culture. No longer is it just for companies with products and services to promote but for the general public as well who get bits of relevant information on health, the weather, travel, breaking news and so much more.”

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