DSWD sets eyes vs ‘irresponsible fathers’

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) on Sunday revealed that it will help separated mothers get child support from their respective working partners.

DSWD Assistant Secretary and acting spokesperson Rommel Lopez said that that those working husbands who separated from their wives will get reminders from the DSWD on child support.

“This is one part of help the agency can extend but they should go to the legal process beginning with lodging complaint from barangay court before, the first level of running after irresponsible father, those fathers who have worked only,” Lopez said.

However, Lopez clarified that the help the agency will extend will be in the form of a letter and stressed that they will not provide legal help, only persuasive actions on their part.

“Providing legal help is not part of the mandate of the DSWD as its hand is full in addressing all help that it could provide during different kinds of disasters” Lopez said.

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