TaskUs kicks off global campaign

Local provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies, TaskUs, has recently launched its You+Us global brand campaign with a series of celebrations for its teammates.

The campaign is a celebration of TaskUs employees coming together as they safely return to work in the office, guided by the company’s core value, “Be Ridiculous.”

The “grand homecoming” will be unique since it will be a quarter-long series of activities, which starts in the Philippines where TaskUs was formed and will be held across its global network.

You+Us officially commenced last 6 August at its TaskUs Atlantis site in Batangas, where local pop rock band The Juans performed six of their top-charting songs.

The company’s so-called “teammates” also owned the stage as they showcased their talents through live musical performances.

“It is a very exciting time for us as we welcome more and more of our teammates to our sites, which is our second home,” Stephan Daoust, chief operating officer at TaskUs, said.

“Our collective spirit and togetherness make Us Ridiculously Good, and we’ve built our amazing offices to foster that. We welcome our teammates as we give them the best employee experience while ensuring their health and safety.”

Weathering any storm

As a people-first company, TaskUs has been rigorous in complying with government mandates worldwide regarding returning to the office and remains flexible should the need for extended remote work arises.

TaskUs was born in 2008 when recession hit the United States. What started with only seven employees in a small office at a vulcanizing shop in Cavite, Philippines, TaskUs is now a publicly traded company with more than 45,800 employees across 12 countries and a multi-awarded organization for its best-in-class services and employee benefits.

The company is also the trusted outsourcing partner of over 100 of the world’s most innovative, disruptive, and fast-growing brands across more than 10 industries, proving that despite the odds, opportunities and success are possible with the right partner and workers. Today, however, the world economy is threatened, and history may repeat itself. Economists and experts predict that another recession could happen.

Citing the latest report by Bloomberg, the next downturn in the United States might be “long, moderate, and painful,” which could result in budget cuts, layoffs, and business closures.

Uncertain global situation

These unprecedented times create global uncertainty and anxiety over job security, and TaskUs understands that.

For its teammates and clients, TaskUs said it will be around for the long haul and is prepared to weather and thrive amid any storm. Over the years, it has remained true to its secret formula for success, “You+Us,” which is the inspiration for TaskUs’ new global brand campaign.

By investing in its people, a company can effectively support its clients’ ever-growing demands. TaskUs has long been committed to delivering innovation to the world’s best companies through its agile, responsive, and empowered teammates. The excellent service that TaskUs’ teammates provide following such support translates to extraordinary results that benefit TaskUs’ clients and their customers.

“We believe that teamwork, partnership, and trust are what the company, our people, clients, and communities across the globe need to successfully navigate through uncertainties and come out stronger,” Daoust said. “TaskUs will not be possible without you. As our brand campaign suggests, You will always be the foundation of our success.”

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