CHR: Increased social pension honors elders’ contributions to Phl

Increasing the social pension given to qualified senior citizens is a manifestation that the government is honoring the elderly’s contributions to the country, said the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

The monthly social pension of P500 given to seniors has been doubled to P1,000 following the passage into law last 30 July of Republic Act (RA) No. 11916, or the Social Pension for Indigent Seniors Act.

“It is the obligation of the State to guarantee that all senior citizens in the country are living a dignified life. The passage of this law is a concrete way to honor the contributions of the elderly persons in our society,” said the CHR.

CHR executive director Jacqueline de Guia noted that the value of the previous P500 monthly social pension for senior citizens has been drastically reduced amid inflation and the prevailing health crisis. Thus, the new law will help lessen the daily burden on older people, she said.

“The Commission of Human Rights celebrates this important legislative development that assures our elderly of their right to an adequate standard of living and participation,” said the CHR chief. “This will help indigent older persons to better afford basic necessities and sustenance for their health and well-being amid inevitable economic changes.”

The law also mandates that other payout options besides cash should be made available for the beneficiaries’ convenience, and that added transaction fees will not be shouldered by the beneficiary.

With this, the CHR is calling for an efficient, transparent and swift implementation of the law to provide immediate economic relief to all eligible beneficiaries.

“The Commission will also continue to work closely with related government offices in advocating for and monitoring the uninterrupted exercise of rights by the elderly,” it said.


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