Japanese gin with unique twist

Described by Manila Wine as “a wonderful new premium gin expression from drinks giant Suntory,” Sui Gin continues to get good reviews from drink experts and enthusiasts in the Philippines after its launch recently.

Sui Gin is a must-have for our minibars because of its unique taste coming from Japanese ingredients like yuzu that is commonly used in Japanese dishes to enhance their flavors. It also exudes a citrusy aroma that invites you to go ahead and give it a sip.

This Japanese gin also has green tea in it that gives a little nudge of umami to the drink, making it a perfect match for all meals. Ginger offers a little spiciness that leaves a clean aftertaste. You can also find juniper berry, orange and lemon peels, and cinnamon in Sui gin, making it pair really well with any dish or dessert.

Sui Gin is such a versatile drink because you can drink it straight as it is, but mixing other ingredients with it is a good addition, too, and you don’t have to worry about drowning its unique taste. You can also serve it on any occasion — parties, intimate dinners or during your me-time.

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of sui gin

This was seen right away at the launch held at 102 Izakaya in Glorietta — it became an actual party. Everybody was mingling with a glass of Sui gin in their hands, and some even participated in drinking games with people they had never met before but had fun nonetheless.

A cool part of the event was when they taught guests some Sui gin cocktail recipes that were refreshing and easy to make. The first one was the Sui Gin and Soda, where Sui Gin is mixed with soda water for a clean drink. From that, you can also add a splash of tonic water to make the Sui Sonic.

For the sweet-toothed, the Sui Soda with Honey Ginger is your new pal. Sui gin, soda water, honey and some ginger slices? This drink can easily become your new favorite. But if you prefer to be on the refreshing side, try the Sui Soda with Calamansi Pandan. The pure calamansi juice and torched pandan will make you feel like you’re on a beach trip.

So if you’re looking for a drink that fits every occasion, you can grab them in any supermarket or liquor stores nationwide, or you can log in to your GrabMart, Lazada, Boozy or Boozeshop accounts to order online.

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