New pumping stations will curb floods

An official of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) yesterday announced the construction of four more pumping stations in Metro Manila to further mitigate the flooding problem in the metropolis.

Engineer Baltazar Melgar, MMDA acting general manager, said the agency presently has 71 pumping stations, mostly in the city of Manila.

He added the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is currently constructing four more that will bring to 75 the flood mitigating stations.

“We have 71 pumping stations and DPWH is also constructing four more, like at Sunog Apog and the Baywalk area, bringing the total to 75 stations, which will be a big help,” Melgar said.

He reiterated the additional pumping stations will surely help since Manila’s elevation is low. Thus, when there is a high tide, it worsens the flood when it rains.

According to the MMDA official, during heavy rains, drainages get full and are affected when the water level at the bay rises, thus preventing rainwater from being drained.

“The drainage going to the sea is impeded by the situation, and we have to pump this out to Manila Bay and to Pasig River. But if the rain is so hard, it cannot be pumped out immediately,” Melgar said.

However, the floodwater subsides in a few hours, but the problem persists due to the garbage that has accumulated in the drainage systems.

If there is so much garbage, the pumping stations will be shut down to enable MMDA personnel to clean it to prevent the machine from being damaged.

He said the solution is for the DPWH to mobilize its mobile pumping station to augment existing permanent ones.

Melgar said the government has a program to improve the quality of water by pumping it to a sewerage treatment plant before being released to Manila Bay to keep the dolomite beach clean.

He said the DPWH will complete the construction of the four pumping stations by September.

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