The ‘saga’ continues

Japanese cuisine has a certain taste that calms the soul and satisfies the palate, which is why restaurants that serve authentic Japanese food are highly-sought after by Filipinos.

With this reception, Japanese restaurants in the country continue to develop menus with new offerings that inevitably become part of foodies’ favorites.

Among the most recognized for its excellent quality is Diamond Hotel’s Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant, serving not only typical Japanese meals, but also the famous Saga Beef.

Saga Beef, derived from Japanese black cattle, originated from Saga Prefecture in Japan.

Yakiniku Wagyu.

Yurakuen was awarded an official Saga-gyu (Saga Japanese Wagyu) plaque by the Saga Agricultural Co-operative Association (JA Saga).

It’s been several years since the Japanese restaurant started serving Saga Wagyu. This prestigious recognition seals the authenticity of Saga Wagyu at Yurakuen.

Kanahara Toshihide, chairperson of Central Union of Saga Agricultural Co-operatives, awarded the plaque to Diamond Hotel’s general manager Vanessa Ledesma Suatengco and food and beverage manager Grace Mercado.

JA Saga chairperson Kanahara Toshihide awards the plaque to Diamond Hotel’s GM Vanessa Ledesma Suatengco.

Guests present at the awarding ceremony were treated to Teppanyaki Wagyu and Yakiniku Wagyu.

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