Sulu appeals for tourism aid

JOLO, Sulu — The provincial government here recently recognized the important role of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) and other government agencies in the revival and promotion of the tourism industry here.

According to Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan, they have outlined some of the important assistance that BARMM and the Department of Tourism (DoT) must extend to the province and to the 19 towns that comprise the province to effectively jumpstart the revival of the tourism industry in Sulu.

“Government must take the initiative to jumpstart the tourism industry here in the province,” said Tan, adding that the police and military authorities in Sulu have already contributed their respective share by making “Sulu a peaceful place to visit today.”

“We must work in partnership with other government agencies and entities, towards the creation and provision of the necessary communication support facilities and amenities,” he added.

Tan also called on the DoT and the Ministry of Tourism in BARMM to assist the 18 town mayors of Sulu to organize resort owners and provide proper training in the management of their business, to professionalize the tourism services.

“We will ensure that the standard of services in Sulu is at par with other world-class and popular tourist destinations in the country,” Tan said.

“This is now the time for investors to take a serious look at Sulu’s potential, the improved climate of peace and order is now conducive for the development of the local economy,” he added.

The Sulu governor also stressed that the province has the best powdery white sand beaches in the country and have many untouched landscapes that tourist can enjoy while in the province for a vacation.

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