Sustain ‘hard-earned’ peace in Basilan — Army

The significant decline of terroristic attacks and development in Basilan province — gained through intensive security and civil-military operations — must be sustained, according to Philippine Army commanding general Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr.

He urged the soldiers to continue fighting against the enemies of the State and provide quality service to the people.

Brawner also lauded the 101st Infantry (Three Red Arrows) Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division for accomplishing much that contributed to the annihilation of the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group in Basilan.

He stressed that the troops’ focused military operations in Basilan were instrumental in curbing the “kidnap for ransom” cases and lessening terrorist attacks within isolated communities.

“Sustain our operational gains as we make the hard-earned peace in Basilan sustainable and meaningful for future generations,” Brawner said.

Under the 101st Infantry Brigade operations this year, about 24 firearms surrendered from local terrorists, 12 firearms, and 7 improvised explosive devices in various operations this year. Moreover, the unit was able to neutralize six local terrorists and facilitated the return to the folds of the law of 24 others.

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