Woman discovered dead in Malate hotel

A 59-year old woman was found dead inside a hotel room in Malate on Wednesday afternoon in Malate Manila.

Police identified the body as that of Adolfa Gordon of Poblacion, Dumalag, Capiz City.

Based on the report by P/Lt. Dennis de Jesus, chief of the Manila Police District-Homicide Section, the lifeless body was discovered at 12:00 noon in Room 503 the second floor of the Manila Manor Hotel with the address at Jorge Bocobo Street, Barangay 698 Zone 76 Malate.

No response

According to Rhea May Lagaña, 37-year-old housekeeper of the hotel, she went to the room to inform the victim that her occupancy had expired and that she knocked at the door several times but received no response.

She ran for the duplicate key at the counter and was shocked to find the room guest dead.

Labana informed the reception table, which contacted the MPD which immediately responded and sent operatives.

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