Heavy-hitter at 173 grams

KUALA LUMPUR —- Xiaomi 12 Lite was launched here in-person and in Manila via livestreaming Saturday as a sleek smartphone that pushes “the envelope of design and computational imaging” to provide a “versatile flagship experience for aspirational young adults.”

Daily Tribune has put the Xiaomi 12 Lite, a lightweight 173-gram and 7.29-millimeter design, to an exacting grind on the streets and the attractions of this bustling Malaysian city to see if it lives up to the pre-release buzz it has created among visual storytellers.

CLUB-like launch of the Xiaomi 12 Lite in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Saturday evening showed off its imaging prowess. | PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN HENRY DODSON FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

Undoubtedly, the strongest selling point of the Xiaomi 12 Lite is its photo and video capabilities, thus it trumpets a “studio-grade” 108-megapixel main camera powered by a large HM2 sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide, and a 2MP macro camera.

Adapting eye-tracking capability from standalone mirrorless cameras and the barely alive DSLRs, the Xiaomi 12 Lite “leverages depth estimation and portrait matting to simulate a true-to-life bokeh effect,” in which the subject is framed by flattering out-of-focus background.

It’s just right that Xiaomi dropped the 12 Lite in club-like fashion, within the shadows, or, okay, the lights of the Petronas Twin Towers, because its night-imaging capabilities are no slouch and would not make users feel under-equipped day or night.

The 32MP selfie cam has HDR and built-in two-LED lights that produces flattering images and none of the Halloween-inspired pictures and videos that people have come to associate with smartphone flashes and steady lights.

Video resolution maxes out at 4K at 30 frames per second, but that’s already an overkill for social media postings, although one at that resolution ensures you can get to play your videos on big television screens.

In terms of overall performance, the Xiaomi 12 Lite strikes above its asking prices of P20,999 for the 6GB+128GB variant and P21,999 for the 8GB+128GB offering. The Snapdragon 778G chipset and other hardware no doubt keep a balance between performance and power consumption, even as a multi-tier cooling system ensures efficient heat dissipation.

As tested, the 4,300mAh battery, fully charged within 40 minutes by its 67W “turbo” charger, provides more than enough juice for long hours of Netflix-binging via its 6.55” AMOLED display capable of displaying 68 billion colors. HDR10 and Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos spatial (that’s surround) audio help a lot, too, in providing users an immersive experience.

So what’s TechnoGizmo’s verdict on the Xiaomi 12 Lite? This latest “Lite” by Xiaomi — if you’re not into pixel-peeping and you’re enamored with vivid video and photo images — is a heavy-hitter for those who are always on the go.

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