Fish or chicken?

Now I know why my cat prefers chicken over fish.

Contrary to the popular belief that cats only eat fish, it is their innate characteristic to be carnivorous that makes them opt for meat such as — or chicken.

“Cats are considered as strict carnivores and they’re still highly related to their ancestors. Their teeth and skull conformation are actually designed to hunt and kill prey efficiently,” Dr. Cissy Ramos, a practitioner from Vets in Practice and a pet nutrition specialist, said.

Cats prefer to eat meat than fish. | Photograph courtesy of unsplash/allec gomes

WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition conducted a study and found that protein takes up 52 percent of a cat’s calorie intake. Meat is known to be a rich source of protein.

For sustenance, cats need
animal-based protein for amino acids to help build firmer muscle structures.

Ramos said, “Animal source proteins like chicken can greatly contribute to the quality of protein in their diet and they do get appropriate amounts of essential amino acids from it.”
“Cats can easily process, break down and consumer animal-based protein sources,” she added.

Studies show that cats can internally produce 11 non-essential amino acids. ​The remaining 11 categories of essential amino acids, however, can only be provided through a nutritious diet.
As such, protein from chicken contains multiple levels of essential amino acids like Lysine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and Taurine.

To help cat owners maintain the health and development of cats, IAMS developed a line that is uniquely tailored for cats’ needs with chicken as its number one ingredient.
“This will play a key role for the proper development and normal functioning of cats and enhance their wellness, Ramos added.

Visit IAMS Cats is available at all supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.

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