Away, at last, in this airplane hideaway

Nothing against the growing crowd of revenge drinkers on the streets of Poblacion or BGC, but a month ago found our group of
fun-loving titas waiting in line for an hour or so in one of Pobla’s popular bars known for its fresh oysters.

People were just strolling around looking for a place to hang out in the district known for its vibrant nightlife. Actually, this is a good situation after the lockdowns affected business in the area.

Decommissioned Ukrainian Antonov 24-B

“Too long,” quipped one of us, as we continued to wait in our, thank God, airconditioned
big-momma vehicle. Still, a good drink celebrated in the company of beloved friends beckons.

Good thing, just a few minutes from the heart of Makati City is a newly opened but still best-kept secret place called Mosphil by RRR — a collaboration between Parañaque City’s heritage Palacio de Memoria and Poblacion’s popular Run Rabbit Run.

Happy hour. Camille Lhuillier with the writer.

Anyone who’s always wondered what’s inside the 1.3-hectare compound with the tall gates with guards along Bayview Avenue in Parañaque City? Well, the secret’s now out. Besides the beautiful seven-storey pre-war mansion, it also has vintage airplanes parked in its backyard, including a decommissioned Ukrainian Antonov 24-B aircraft that has been converted into a bar.

Talk about traveling back in time as the bar called MOSPHIL by RRR revives the golden era of travel in the 60s and 70s when jetsetters dressed up in style while sipping their cocktails during flights across continents.

Nautical clock, circa 1900s. | photographs by venice Bautista for the daily tribune

It’s a place of curiosity in itself as touches of vintage finds are spread throughout the plane: Antique luggage and the colorful hats of flight attendants are displayed on a shelf; a French antique globe (circa 1890) by French geographer Joseph Forest; metal lamp from Spain, brown mink coat and other mid-century objects; and a nautical clock from West Germany and barometer circa 1900s, to name a few.

And so, happily lounging on its seats, classic drinks such as Negroni, Whiskey Sour, Aperol Spritz, Red Eye, Martini and more are to be enjoyed away from the madding crowd.

It’s easy to while the time away at the property, after all — besides the museum inside the mansion and the
airplane-turned-bar, another airplane will soon be converted into a gift shop. For dining, there’s The Loggia by celebrated chef Margarita Forés.

(left) Appetizers from The Loggia. (right) Classic drink at Mosphil by RRR.

To make the property into a
one-stop place for soaking up some culture and for unwinding: “That’s the dream,” says Camille Lhuillier, daughter of Ambassador Philippe Lhuillier and marketing manager of the family-owned auction house, Casa de Memoria.

In 2004, the Lhuilliers bought the property previously owned by Dr. Francisco Villaroman. Back then, the place was abandoned and the new owners renovated the place back to its old glory.
“The idea was to turn the property into a cultural center where people can enjoy history and appreciate our heritage in a relaxed atmosphere that also brings in Manila’s vibrant lifestye,” adds Camille. “History, culture, and fun
— those are the three things we want people to experience here.”

And the fourth, if we may add, is the glorious idea of not going through turbulence in the aircraft when it’s time for bottoms up.

Mosphil by RRR is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. For inquiries, contact or call 0946 2537594. Follow their official Instagram

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