Fixing EDSA busway problems through privatization

A group of businessmen is eyeing legislation to privatize the EDSA Busway transport system to “scale up its capacity” and provide improved commuter service and convenience.

In a letter to Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista, Management Association of the Philippines president Rogelio Singson and MAP Infrastructure Committee chairperson Eduardo Yap said the government should prioritize the total system upgrade of the EDSA busway and bus service on the “Carousel Line.”

“The upgrade will complete the EDSA busway, a work-in -progress, scale up its capacity and raise it to the level of global standards to optimize the system to achieve its full potential as a cost-effective, efficient, high-capacity urban mass public transport system commensurate to the high-commuter density of EDSA, and, as well, to ensure long-term sustainability to ably serve its role as the complementary mass transport to the MRT3,” the group added.

In addition, the MAP suggested the augmentation of vehicles in the EDSA Carousel, MRT3, LRT2, LRT1 and PNR Commuter lines when conditions in their respective stations allow, as these lines should have the shortest waiting time for commuters during rush hours.

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