Sidewalks not for ‘kamotes’

Dear Attorney Chris,

I was once walking on the sidewalk when a “kamote” or reckless motorcycle river came by and drove past me. I got angry and told him sidewalks are for the use of pedestrians and not motorcycle riders. He replied he did so because of the heavy road traffic. What can you say, attorney?



Dear Kiarl,

To answer your query, it is prohibited to drive on sidewalks and the motorcycle driver could have been apprehended and penalized with a fine.

The law that addresses your situation is Section 52, Article V, of the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, which reads as follows:

“Section 52. Driving or parking on sidewalks. — No person shall drive or park a motor vehicle upon or along any sidewalk, path or alley not intended for vehicular traffic or parking.”

The same law provides a penalty for violation of the same, viz:

“Section 56. Penalty for violation. — The following penalties shall be imposed for violations of this Act: (l) For violation of any provisions of this Act or regulations promulgated pursuant hereto, not hereinbefore specifically punished, a fine of not less than P10 or more than P50 shall be imposed. (m) In the event an offender cannot pay any fine imposed pursuant to the provisions of this Act, he shall be made to undergo subsidiary imprisonment as provided for in the Revised Penal Code.”

Hope this helps.

Atty. Chris Liquigan

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