Freak accident kills Kalinga farmer

BAGUIO CITY — Authorities reported that a farmer was found crushed under a tree at Sitio Pon-ad Ananaw, Barangay Wagud, Barangay Pinukpok in Kalinga.

Police identified the victim as Francis Cabanes Bitanga a farmer and resident of Sito Pisot in Barangay Wagud. He was found dead at around 3 p.m. of 23 August.

Initial reports by the Pinukpuk Police disclosed that the farmer went to tend his kaingin in the afternoon of 22 August and spent the night at the hut of a friend.

The next day, the victim left the hut despite the strong rains and wind brought by severe tropical storm “Florita” and the victim’s wife was said to have contacted through a handheld radio the owner of the hut, asking the whereabouts of Bitanga.

The owner of the hut then followed the foot trail of the victim to look for him and saw Bitanga lying lifeless at the edge of a creek with the body pinned down by a fallen Ilang-ilang tree.

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