Grocery gush

The high cost of food are affecting many poor people around the world, but there are opportunities to avoid hunger.

In the United States, low-income parents of children in kindergarten up to 12th grade of California’s public schools will be given free breakfast and lunch upon request, CBS News reported. A new law of the state mandates the free meals each day during the 2022 to 2023 school year.

A former resident of Sydney, Australia has revealed her source of free food on her Instagram. According to Sophie, she only spent $300 for her other needs for one whole year as she got free fresh fruit and vegetables, packed meats, cases of drinks and other foodstuffs.

“I started dumpster diving myself in Sydney in October 2020,” Sophie said, according to

Sophie finds free food from bins of supermarkets and grocery stores that throw away expiring products still fit for consumption. She is not alone as others like her who are not poor do safe dumpster diving in Sydney.

In Brazil, single mother Celia Barros, 46, of Santa Luzia, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais was reported feeding her six young children corn flour and water for days because she had no money to buy food.

The jobless Barros’ 11-year-old son, Miguel, was able to remedy the situation and relieved the hunger of his siblings.

Miguel called the police emergency hotline and reported that they have nothing to eat at home. When officers arrived at the Barros’ house and confirmed their dire situation, they went to the supermarket and bought food supply for Miguel’s family.

Soon, the incident was reported by media and donations of food and money from good samaritans poured in for the Barroses filling their home with a lot of food they also shared with hungry neighbors.

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