Navotas F2F reminder continues

The city government of Navotas continues to remind of the threat of Covid-19, especially now that face to face classes, school year 2022-2023 has officially started.

During the visit of Mayor John Rey Tiangco to public schools to check on the condition of students and teachers, the mayor once again reminded them to continue to follow the heath protocol because the threat of Covid-19 is still here.

“We can feel the excitement of the Navoteño kids because after more than two years, their classes are face-to-face again, but everyone should still be careful and follow the safety protocol,” according to the mayor.

“We are grateful to our teachers and all those who make up the education sector who helped each other to make the return to school a success in our city. Also, to the parents and guardians who continue to support their children’s education regardless of the challenges that comes,” he added.

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