Chinese hydro crunch demands RE baseload

Cudgels are taken in Congress for wind and solar energies to generate baseload power, fearing worsening drought in China would dry up its hydro plants and hike global demand for fossil fuels.

Rep. Joey Salceda said the situation in China has seen one of its largest interior provinces experience blackouts, and cut consumption.

“As a result of rivers drying, China is now ramping up its coal power production. That will mean we will probably export more coal to China. Prices of coal might spike up,” Salceda said. “We need to increase solar and wind power as baseload…and get access to solar and wind battery technology fast and soon.

Consistent with the President’s push for indigenous energy sources, Salceda hopes the departments of Energy and Trade form a national effort to this end, importing duty-free renewable-energy batteries and a bevy of foreign talents for the technology’s installation and maintenance.

He encourages the country’s nickel, copper and cobalt mining companies to hook up with foreign manufacturers of these large batteries.

A host of regulatory relief measures can also expedite permits for these projects.

Salceda wants policy changes that would classify expanded targets for solar and wind as baseload, which will allow greater and accelerated investments therein.

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