Fishing expedition

The Chinese have an unusual way of dealing with fish that threaten national interest.

After American Speaker Nancy Pelosi defied Beijing’s warning not to visit Taiwan, the Chinese military disrupted shipping around the island and trade with Taiwanese businessmen. Exporters of mackerel and grouper from the island to the mainland were suddenly faced with restrictions.

Among those affected was Hans Chen who manages a farm of some 500,000 groupers, 90 percent of which are exported to China, Agence France-Presse reported. The fish farmer from Pingtung said he would be “severely impacted” if the Chinese sanctions are not lifted by the end of the year, according to AFP.

China probably has the strictest measures against Covid-19 outbreaks. Even just two reported cases of coronavirus infection will prompt authorities to impose a city-wide lockdown. Such cordon comes with the testing of the entire population and quarantine of infected people for days.

Lately, their zealousness in controlling Covid outbreaks affected fishermen in the coastal city of Xiamen. Local authorities suspected that “some fishers imported the virus after making contact or illegally trading with other vessels at sea,” the South China Morning Post  reported.

However, it’s not only the fishers who were ordered to be swabbed and tested for Covid-19.

“Videos and pictures of officials swabbing crabs, shrimp and open-mouthed fish have appeared in local media,” according to SCMP.

Medical workers in Danzhou city also swabbed fish on boats as the city entered lockdown in August, SCMP added.

Meanwhile, a hunt for an alligator gar fish that reportedly attacked a boy was recently launched by authorities in the city of Ruzhou in central China.

Hunters initially spent two weeks searching for the invasive fish that grows up to 10 feet long in Yunchan Lake, but to no avail. Then the local government announced its last resort to find the “monster” gar in the 30-acre space filled with artificial water and aquatic plants, according to the Telegraph.

Media outlets and TikTok influencers who gathered around the lake in anticipation of the fish catch were surprised no gar appeared after its 200,000 cubic meters of water was drained last week.


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