Special offers this August

Motor Image Pilipinas Inc., is offering special “August Rainy Day Deals” for selected Subaru vehicles.

These vehicles — in particular — feature the adaptive cruise control system which makes highway driving safe, smooth and stress-free. The system automatically adjusts the cruising speed to suit the traffic flow. This is especially useful during the monsoon season. EyeSight with ACC is one’s convenient co-driver on every journey, long or short.

Other than this, these vehicles come with the EyeSight technology and the Subaru Global Platform, a bedrock of performance driving capability that reduces vibration, minimizes noise and provides excellent handling under all road conditions.

Until month-end, car buyers can avail a new Subaru with special offers, such as the Subaru XV 2.0 i-S EyeSight CVT (P1,908,000) which offer the following: As low as P20,710 per month; as low as P269,000 down payment, or as high as P210,000 outright cash savings.

Likewise, the Subaru Evoltis 2.4 Touring EyeSight CVT (P3,480,000) is offered with these special deals: Zero interest for 12 months at a 40-percent down payment and as high as P100,000 outright cash savings.

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