DSWD misses payout mark

DSWD fails to reach its target beneficiaries that should have been served on its second Saturday payout.

Some of the reasons, the agency said, are that many did not pass the screening and checking in the database of the department.

According to ASec. Romel Lopez, many of those who received text confirmation did not complete the requirements they presented. This, despite indicating in the text message that the office sent the requirements that needed to be brought.

Some of the beneficiaries were also discovered to be in 4Ps.

Others are already receiving other scholarships. The other requirements do not have the principal’s signature, so they are asked to return,” according to Lopez.

Meanwhile, the department once again reminded that, as of now, only those with online registration and text confirmation will be accommodated and walk-in is still prohibited as happened im the second Saturday payout, there are still people who dare to walk-in.

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