Fertile ground

Some couples who cannot conceive a child for whatever reason have the option of dancing and singing to the music of Saint Claire during the procession for the holy patron of Obando to become fertile.

There is a superstitious claim that performing the fertility ritual, which is part of the Bulacan town’s fiesta celebration every 19 May, has miraculously resulted in childless couples producing the baby girl they wish.

Meanwhile, couples hoping to have a baby boy can dance and sing to the tune of Saint Pascual, which is also part of the festival but held every 18 May.

The holding of the Catholic custom resumed last May after it was disallowed in 2020 and 2021 to avoid mass gatherings that are potential superspreader events of Covid-19.

For infertile couples who are geographically far from Bulacan, but believe in a miracle to become parents or to add another child to the family, there is another alternative. They can visit the REDG’s Green Village Camping Site and Wellness Hub in Barangay Mapulog, Naawan, Misamis Oriental.

The campsite is a family rest and recreation facility featuring animal statues and kiddie parks. Visitors can rent open cottages or air-conditioned rooms, have a Swedish massage, bathe in a kawa or jumbo wok, try its foot spa in a mini fish pond, sing in its KTV rooms or simply enjoy lush nature surrounding the place.

One spot in the campsite is also for those who want to conceive a child. Unlike in the Obando festival, the ritual is simple as couples only need to lightly stroke the fertility statue’s main part. No singing and dancing to music in a procession are necessary.

In an episode of TV show KMJS, the campsite was featured with giggling women guests stroking the seven-foot-long erect penis of the statue made of cement.

A few women who touched the statue’s rock-hard shaft told KMJS that they were able to bear children later.

Campsite owner Ruth D. Gai said the fertility statue’s “magic” is drawing more couples who want to become pregnant to the place.

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