NSA execs laud new PSC chief

Sports leaders believe that the appointment of Noli Eala as chairperson of the Philippine Sports Commission will be a big boost to the country’s campaign in major international tournaments.

Philippine Olympic Committee chairperson Steve Hontiveros hailed Eala’s appointment as PSC chief, saying that he is a perfect choice given his long experience in basketball.

“He’s a former sports leader. He has the experience and he knows what is good for Philippine sports,” said Hontiveros, referring to the 59-year-old former commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Association who was appointed as the 11th PSC chief late Tuesday.

“Maybe that’s why he was chosen. It is the prerogative of the President to get someone who can do a good job but as far as I am concerned, he has the experience.”

Judo Secretary General Dave Carter also congratulates Eala, saying that they are hopeful that the former broadcaster can support them in their quest for glory in the Paris Olympics, similar to what his predecessor in William “Butch” Ramirez did during his term.

“First of all, we would like to extend our congratulatory message to Noli Eala. We are sure that he is very supportive of sports, being a sports fan himself and we are really praying that the support for judo will continue just like in previous administrations,” Carter said.

“Our prayer is for chairman Noli to continue what has been started by chairman Butch and his board of commissioners. Of course, we had fantastic support under PRRD (former President Rodrigo Duterte). We are excited that our president BBM and chairman Noli will extend our support.”

Gymnastics president Cynthia Carrion said she believes that Eala would allocate funds fairly among national sports associations.

“He has to give the money where it is deserving,” said Carrion, who is grooming Carlos Yulo to be the country’s next Olympic gold medal.

“Just don’t waste money on those who go and enjoy their trips and don’t go there for competitions. I believe that anybody who participates should aim to win.”

“He and the commissioners should study the NSA that is really active and is there to win. To give honor to our country. I think Noli can do it.”

As a former PSC chairperson, Philip Ella Juico is confident that he will be able to sustain the success the Philippines has attained.

Juico, now the chairman emeritus of the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association, backed Carrion, saying that he will advise Eala to make sure the funds are properly handled and he should be open to discussion with different personalities with conflicting interests.

After all, the PSC should be the middle ground should any conflicts between the NSA and the athletes arise.

“I met him several times before and he is involved in sports in various capacities as a commissioner of the PBA, as a sports commentator and was involved with the SBP,” he said.

“He knows sports on one end as an NSA. Now, this is the first time he will be involved in government so he will be able to approach the problems dealt on by the NSA and private sector.”

“He has to make sure that the programs make sense to be more perspective of the program. You can’t just go with other programs like just sending for training abroad and to make sure that the proper safeguards are there for monitoring because after all, we are dealing with people’s money.”

“In government, there are so many constituents with competing interests. You have to look at those interests and take care of them.”

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