Baguio mayor: Be responsible on socmed

BAGUIO CITY — Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong on Thursday called on the public to refrain from sharing photos of the body of a dead female found inside a garage in a barangay here.

This comes after photos of the victim in an undignified state circulated on social media. The victim’s body was discovered on 30 August with both hands and mouth tied with duct tape and a belt was wrapped around her neck.

The victim was identified as Juliet Bajar Hesim of Balibago, Pampanga. She was identified by her twin sister due to her tattoo.

Magalong said people should be more responsible on what they share on social media.

“Our moral principles have taught us to have respect for the dead, to protect human dignity even in death so please stop this abominable act,” Magalong said.

He also vowed that the local government, in cooperation with the Baguio City Police Office, will exert effort to go after those who will continue to spread these sensitive photos and charge them for violation of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code.

Article 201 deals on “immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions” penalized with prison terms or a fine of up to P2,000.

Meanwhile, the Baguio City Police Office said it is now pooling its resources to get into the bottom of the incident and is conducting an indepth investigation on the death of Hesim.

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