Rajo Laurel, vlogger

Fashion designer Rajo Laurel has recently launched his own YouTube channel, in which he talks about things that interest him.

In his first video, he discusses his routine, inspirations, and favorites — he even sings a few lines of his favorite song.

Another video takes viewers on a tour of his House of Laurel studio, where he explains how his designs come to life.

At first, Laurel thought vlogging was daunting, but he let his passion for learning, and yearning to engage with his followers and fellow designers, take over.

“One of the things I am learning now as I become a true ‘tito’ of the world is to just say ‘yes,’ especially to new experiences and opportunities,” Laurel said.

Rajo Laurel’s YouTube Channel is managed by Gushcloud Philippines, a global technology digital talent and media company with concentration on influencer marketing, entertainment, and commerce.

Gushcloud has also signed celebrity Jason Magbanua, Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Bettina Carlos, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia and family for channel management.


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