The art of being thankful

To give thanks is more than just an act of affirming the goodness in one’s life. It goes beyond appreciating the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. It is more than a feeling and much more than having a sense of appreciation. Being thankful means being grateful. It is a way of life. Much like a daily diet regimen to ensure good health, acknowledging the best is the art of gratitude. This is good medicine. A new perspective opens up broader horizons for anyone who will literally “open one’s heart” and fill it with a grateful heart.

Practice invoking, declaring, and appreciating all this positivity in order to attract more of the same. There have been countless stories of people who personally experienced healing, good luck, and opportunities since they adopted an attitude of verbalizing their thank you’s. Let’s take a closer look.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/heidi fin Being thankful means being grateful.

Say thank you
• When you wake up in the morning, just as you open your eyes, say, “Thank you, Lord/God, for another day of life.”
• Every hour on the hour, each time you are about to drink a glass of water: “Thank you for this water that will hydrate my whole body.”
• Before every meal: “Thank you for the food on my plate. May there be more nourishment each day of my life.”
• Dessert time: “Thank you for more sweetness in my life.”
• After a day’s work: “Thank you for a productive day at work.”
• When you are challenged by situations: “Thank you for the challenges. I know I will overcome them.”
• Problem-solving: “Thank you for the solution to my problem.”
• When stressed: “Thank you for this stressful situation. I know it is under my control.”
• When feeling sick: “Thank you for healing. I will get better each day.”
• When sad: “Thank you for my joy that will chase my sadness away.”
• When in tears: “Thank you for the happiness that will soon dry up my tears.”
• When financially stressed: “Thank you for the windfall that will end my money problems.”
• When angry: “Thank you for the laughter that will neutralize my anger.”
• When hurt or betrayed: “Thank you for my understanding heart that knows how to forgive.”
• When happy: “Thank you for my endless happiness.”

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/mi pham

Only positivity

You can always choose to be positive or negative about anything and everything in your life. We all have that choice.

And it is the choice we make which will start our day right or not. It will also set the tone of our lives.

So, when feeling negative, try saying this: “I am not doing negative today. I choose positive. “
Affirmation: “Thank you.”
Love and light.

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