Gay person’s awakening tackled in complex May-December-January film

Director McArthur C. Alejandre, DGPI kept his latest film close to home.

At the media conference for May-December-January, Alejandre said he valued what he felt was right for the film instead of trying to do things differently.

He expressed how important May-December-January is to him, saying, “The material was very special to me because it’s a relationship story — a gay person’s awakening, a mother’s relationship with her gay son, a gay person’s newfound feelings for another person, and, it is also a relationship between friends.”

“When I stay true to those values — at least I tried to assume it with all honesty and sincerity — the intent will not only be for the story but also for the characters,” he added.

Alejandre also mentioned how seamless the screenplay was written which made things easier for him.

The director hopes the audience will feel the honesty and sincerity both he and his actors injected into the film because “that is what will make this film special.”

Gold Aceron in a love scene with Kych Minemoto.

Written by the National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee, May-December-January follows a mother (Andrea del Rosario) and her son (Gold Aceron) who both fall in love with the same man (Kych Minemoto). Sacrifices are made by all parties for them to live in harmony.

May-December-January will be out in cinemas starting 12 October.

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