PNR loses train in crane mishap

Calls were made yesterday for a construction company to pay for the hospitalization and damage caused by its crawler crane that hit a Philippine National Railways train Sunday near the G. Tuazon Street track in Sampaloc, Manila.

Three persons, including an elderly woman, were rushed to the Chinese General Hospital, over the injuries they sustained during the collision.

The police identified those injured as Esperanza Mozo, 68, a resident of Makati; train operator Melfarzar de los Santos; and train conductor Ronnel Jay Bajaro.

A report by P/Cpl. Eric Jay Despabiladero of the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit said the collision happened as the northbound train hit the part of the crane that intruded into the track.

The crane was being used in the construction of an elevated railway system at the easement of the PNR track.

On Monday, the transport advocacy group Passenger Forum called on the construction company to cover the hospitalization costs of the two injured train personnel and passenger.

It also called on the company to compensate affected workers and commuters for the delay caused by the crane accident along the PNR tracks.

The group also called on the PNR management to reveal details of the incident “in the interest of the public.” Repair of or replacement of the damaged train should also be shouldered by the construction company, it added.

“Based on the photos, it seems that the damaged train is a Hyundai Rotem DMU train set that started serving commuters in 2009,” the group said in a statement.

“As far as we know, this is the last DMU set that remains in service and because of this incident, PNR commuters will be deprived of a much-needed train.”

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