Vigilance hailed re hit-run arrest

Metro Manila police chief P/Brig. Gen. Jonnel Estomo on Monday condemned the driver of the sports utility vehicle who apparently tried to escape after running over a street sweeper this week in BF Homes in Parañaque City.

At the same time, Estomo praised the witness who went out of his way to report the incident to the police leading to the apprehension of the driver, later identified by authorities as Raymond Zaparain.

The 63-year-old victim sustained multiple injuries from the incident that was caught on closed-circuit TV camera, the footage of which had gone viral online.

“I highly appreciate the effort and concern of the residents of BF Homes in Parañaque who helped and rushed the elderly street sweeper to the hospital,” Estomo said.

“I also want to thank the brave witness who personally went to the Parañaque police traffic bureau to give his statement which greatly helped in the arrest of the suspect on the same day,” he added.

Estomo stressed that the cooperation of the community with the police is critical in the immediate solution of crimes.

In the CCTV footage, the SUV, a Mitsubishi Pajero with license plate UXO 295, can be seen veering into the sidewalk before hitting Doreen Bacus.

Zaparain will be facing frustrated homicide and abandonment of one’s victim charges, according to earlier reports.

However, Estomo said he’ll be made to face a complaint for reckless imprudence resulting in physical injuries.

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