Court asked for Vhong Navarro’s jail transfer

A manifestation with an urgent motion to transfer the detention of comedian/television host Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro was filed by the camp of Deniece Cornejo before the Regional Trial Court Branch 69 of Taguig City.

The three-page manifestation was filed by Atty. Howard Calleja and Maria Concepcion Claire Jennifer J. Aquino on Wednesday, 28 September.

“Comes now, the complainant Deniece Cornejo, through the undersigned counsel and unto this Honorable Court, respectfully moves for the immediate transfer of the place of detention of the accused from NBI detention center to Taguig City jail,” the manifestation read.

At present, Navarro is staying at the NBI detention center on Taft Avenue, Manila after he was committed on 20 September.

Shortly thereafter, Navarro’s camp filed a motion for issuance of the status quo ante in connection with the decision of the Court of Appeals (CA) ordering the lower court to file the necessary charges against the embattled actor.

But the petition for the issuance of a status quo ante in connection with the CA decision dated 21 July was denied by the CA on 20 September.

The camp of Cornejo averred that the denial of the motion for reconsideration of the accused in CA allows for the full and proper execution of the warrant of arrest for acts of lasciviousness and rape.

The manifestation stated that with the arrest warrant for the non-bailable offense of rape against Navarro by the court, the rules of court provide that the arresting officer should bring the accused to the nearest police station or jail without unnecessary delay.

It further argued that the law does not provide that the accused should be brought to the NBI.

“Furthermore, the only persons who may be detained at the NBI are those arrested for in flagrant delicto.”

The manifestation further stated that based on the Bureau of Jail Management rules and procedures, an accused should be detained where the arrest warrant was issued.

” The accused Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro will be arraigned in Taguig. Furthermore, the arrest warrant was issued in Taguig. Hence the accused should be detained in Taguig City jail.

“The camp of Cornejo has respectfully asked the court to issue an order directing the proper officer of the NBI detention center to immediately transfer the accused from the NBI detention center to Taguig City jail.

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