Quipper, ELSA promote better education

Quipper signed a memorandum of understanding with ELSA Speak to help educators offer students a competitive and improved learning environment.

ELSA Speak is an AI-driven speaking coach that helps with English pronunciation and vocabulary. Quipper, on the other hand, is an education technology company that provides e-learning, coaching, tutoring, and assessment services for K-12 in Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, and Mexico.

“We knew that ed-tech tools and our Learning Management System platform could help provide the materials they need to ensure that they provide the best learning environment for the different types of learners,” Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines, said.

With ELSA Speak partnership with Quipper, educators, including English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, can now utilize AI as a tool when preparing or delivering lessons for speech labs, recitations, English activities, and more.

“By incorporating AI into the curriculum, teachers can track children’s progress far closer and tailor their teaching accordingly. Together, ELSA and Quipper can transform the rapidly changing education space for the better,” Vu Van, founder and CEO of ELSA Speak, said.

To learn more about Quipper Philippines and ELSA Speak and their other programs and initiatives, visit www.quipper.com/ph/ and www.quipper.com/ph/.

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