Tables that spread love

Collaborating with so many global brands to enhance the dining experience is what chemist and tablescaping queen Pinky Tobiano has been doing lately, with her widely-followed “TableLove by Pinky,” this time with Rustan’s Department Store.

Since she loves entertaining friends, Pinky makes tablescaping very thematic. She presented three unique tables as she also works with the country’s leading luxury retail destination, Rustan’s Department Store, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

Once again, Pinky displayed her creativity anew with her whimsical and glamorous taste in tablescaping using unique accessories and designs. She allowed her guests to enjoy a beautiful tablescaping experience.

There is the eco-sustainable tablescape Bahay Kubo, featuring recycled materials like the soft broom or walis tambo, fabrics accessories such as the lampshades and birdcages. “That means you are a responsible citizen supporting climate change,” Pinky emphasized.

Inspired by the local folk song,“Bahay Kubo,” it features renowned Filipino painter Anita Magsaysay Ho’s works in Bernardaud plates exclusively available at Rustan’s Department Store Home Section. Pinky adorned the table with vegetables in “Bahay Kubo” like kamatis, sitaw, mani, talong, singkamas, luya.

To honor breast cancer warriors including her and her mom, Pinky especially decorated a second table, “Tickle Me Pink,” for strength as a tribute to ICan Serve Foundation and Bosom Buddies. It is also a prelude to Pink October.

“My mom and I are both cancer survivors,” Pinky disclosed. “There is a table that is a tribute to all the women fighting breast cancer. I salute the courage and resilience of each woman. May that table inspire all the people undergoing the Big C to continue the fight with love, grace, and hope in the Lord.”

Detail of “Tickle Me Pink.”

The third table, “La Dolce Vita,” signifies Rustan’s fruitful 70th year celebrating life, love, family, and excellence. Echoing the store’s sense of luxury and refinement, her tablescape evokes elegant details using only the best accessories from Rustan’s.

With the lifestyle of the Shangri-La Mall, Pinky was compelled to combine fresh, dried and artificial flowers for her recent tablescaping. “There’s nothing wrong with using artificial flowers,” she pointed out. “What is important is that you satisfy what you want to execute.”

Even without the food, Pinky can dress up a sumptuous, yet festive table with her “Tablelove by Pinky.” Bianca Valerio hosted the evening event.

Pinky’s TV show, “TableLove by Pinky,” airs on ETC every Sunday.

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