10 DSWD staff level up

Engineers and architects of the Department of Social Welfare and Development) undergo training for their Constructor’s Performance Evaluation System (CPES) accreditation.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) congratulates the technical staff of the DSWD Administrative Service-Building and Grounds Management Division (AS-BGMD) for the approval of their accreditation in the Constructor’s Performance Evaluation System (CPES).

The CPES accreditation is led by the Philippine Domestic Construction Board (PDCB) – Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP), which is tasked to establish a uniform set of criteria for rating the performance of constructors, and ensure that infrastructure projects conform with the specifications set by project owners.

Ten engineers and architects were accredited by the CPES to guarantee that the on-going construction of infrastructure projects of the DSWD are compliant with the standards set by the government.

They are: Engr. Alfredo C. Evangelista, II, Engr. Aldwin R. Bacay; Engr. Caren B. Bracamonte; Engr. Villamor A. Evangelista, Jr., Engr. Katherine L. Longcanaya; Engr. Jymlee P. Pacala; Ar. Eunicia Coleen R. Peñaflor; Engr. Julius Ryan B. Tuquero; Engr. Ronald T. Vegim; and, Ar. Nezhley Anne P. Vivit.

The accreditation of the technical personnel of the AS-BGMD adds to the roster of CPES evaluators nationwide which is valid for three years.

The department on the other hand, pledges that it will continue to support the professional goals of its employees, regardless of their employment status and rank.

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