New Nueva Ecija water pond seen

CUYAPO, Nueva Ecija — The Department of Public Works and Highways announced that it is currently constructing a small water impoundment and rehabilitating a natural pond in this town in a bid to improve access to water while lessening flooding.

Nueva Ecija 1st District Engineering Office District Engineer Armando Manabat disclosed that the implemented the P9.8-million Small Water Impounding Project is a concrete structure under construction in Sitio Tabon, with completion rate at 93.7 percent.

He added that the SWIP is near a natural pond located at the foot of a high terrain.

“Once completed, this structure will efficiently store rainfall and run-off during the rainy season, thus preventing water overflow into nearby residential and agricultural communities,” Manabat said.

The agency is also excavating the shallow and uneven sections of the natural pond to deepen it by 2 to 2.4 meters, adding that as of 15 September 2022, the project with a planned physical target of 42,436 cubic meters of soil excavation is expected to be 90 percent complete.

Manabat said that the project will provide protection from flood risks and will also be beneficial to the agricultural sector as it is expected to provide ample water supply to irrigate farmlands not only in the said barangay but also in neighboring villages.

Meantime, Barangay Bambanaba OIC-Captain Rodrigo Casiera said that the natural pond serves as a water retention basin and by deepening its beds, its storage capacity increases so it can accumulate more water run-off that comes from high places.

He added that residents often get the water they use for their daily activities in the reservoir, while farmers also benefit from this water source especially during dry season mainly for irrigating their crops.

The DPWH said that both projects are expected to be completed before the end of the year.

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