Authentic aging vs anti-aging: Know the difference

Is aging something you fear or look forward to? As a woman of the right age, do you feel nervous or ecstatic about aging?

Aging as an inevitable part of life is indeed a hot topic. With the health, wellness and beauty industry offering the latest anti-aging products for skincare and beauty, more women are becoming conscious and constantly look for ways to defy aging.

Avon’s “Power in Ageing” global study tapped 7,000 women across seven countries and three continents and revealed intriguing yet noteworthy facts about Filipino women and how they feel as they age.

Nine out of 10 Filipinas agree that getting older is something that they are appreciating. Studies also show that three out of four women feel more confident as they age (75 percent) and 83 percent agree that aging should not be feared.

Post-pandemic, more Filipino women link feeling powerful with self-confidence (60 percent) rather than being financially stable.

When asked about what ambition meant for them, most women in their 40s relayed a practical mindset on having it all versus just “having enough.” Research says that Filipino women feel their most authentic selves in their 40s.

Also, among Filipinas, about half (55 percent) of women in their 40s and above said they prioritize their career above other goals.

In terms of their overall well-being, the study suggests that they prioritize health over aesthetics.

On another note, a specific area where women feel less powerful is with menopause.

Sixty-five percent of women in the Philippines feel intimidated by it, just a little under the global average of 72 percent. Avon aims to address this issue by helping women speak up about menopause and perimenopause to help them thrive through this time of great change.

In line with this, Avon launched Anew Renewal Activating Serum, powered by Protinol technology as well as seven skin benefits that claim to be noticeable in just seven days, allowing them to future-proof their skin as they embrace aging.

Angela Cretu, Avon CEO, said: “We’ve been reclaiming our power and taking control over the narrative of aging and making it fit with who we really are and how we really feel. Now, more than ever, what it means to be 40 and over is changing and we’re finding the confidence we need to harness our power. And if you ask me, it’s about time.”

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