Learning made fun

Children can now travel and learn safely without leaving their homes through Mang Lalakbay, the country’s first educational travel show for children.

Mang Lalakbay, a play on the Filipino word manlalakbay or traveler, teaches children using the concept of traveling through animation, music, crafts, and more. Its 11 episodes also touch on animal welfare, sports, nutrition, literature, and nature.

The show’s target audience are toddlers and school-aged kids up to 12 years old.

Vic Robinson, called Kuya ‘Bay, is hosting with two puppets performed by veteran puppeteers Priscilla Rose Nalundasan and Manny Urbano. Both have worked in Batibot, ATBP (Awit, Titik, at Bilang na Pambata) and Sine’skwela.

Cast and crew members bond at the Jumpcat studio: (Back row, from left) editor and animator Chris Cordova; production manager Jera Bernadas; associate producer Ishna Salgados; co-directors Froi Fabella and Joan Lopez-Flores, cinematographer Jericho Filomeno; production designer Mariane Paola De Leoz; production design crew Axel Calacday; (middle row) cinematographer Racker Masagca; Bespren Tuts puppeteer Manny Urbano; host Vic Robinson; art director and graphics designer Pat Dizon; hair and makeup stylist Jacobo Balisi, scriptwriter JP Lopez; (front row, seated) puppeteer assistant Kenneth Benedicto; Manang Agi puppeteer Priscilla ‘Rose’ Nalundasan; and puppeteer assistant Jaymar Nalundasan.

“I love traveling and learning every single day. That is why playing Kuya ‘Bay is not and will never be a chore. It is, in fact, an honor. Kuya ‘Bay and I are close to becoming one and the same person,” Robinson said.

He invites children to come along with him on Mang Lalakbay’s educational journeys.

“There are more fun things to do than simply staring at a screen the whole day. They must experience something more than just watching it. If they want a guide or pointers on where their next destination should be, Mang Lalakbay will do the job for them,” he said.

Robinson has hosted a number of children’s shows in the past including the Knowledge Channel’s program MathDali.

The 31-year-old has played the male lead in Sa Wakas the Musical and was cast in Ang Huling El Bimbo: The Musical and Himala: Isang Musikal. He also acted in Cinemalaya’s Dagitab, QCinema’s Kapatiran, and the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival’s second best picture winner, The Boy Foretold by the Stars.

The show was jump started last year using the grant from the National Council for Children’s Television’s National Endowment Fund for Children’s Television.

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