Alive and kicking

The crowds are back.

These past few months have brought cheer to the live music scene, as clubs and bars reopened, often drawing an SRO audience who missed watching their favorite bands and artists for two years due to pandemic restrictions.

Nina jams with Crib at Supersam.


Dong Abay holds court at My Brother’s Mustache.


Ena Mori charms the audience at 19 East.


Janine Teñoso was one of the guest singers at the South Border show at Pardon My French.


South Border’s Jay Durias (right) and Janno Queyquep at Pardon My French. | PHOTOGRAPHS BY POCHOLO CONCEPCION FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

Happiest are the musicians themselves, who have bounced back to their stomping grounds after a long spell.

On our visits to Supersam, Pardon My French, 19 East, and My Brother’s Mustache, we saw the joy of performing in the artists’ faces as the music played and the audience erupted in shouts of approval.

Everyone was alive and kicking and savoring the moments of freedom from the virus’ reach.

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