Bride’s pride

Declaration of engagements is as prone to glitches as wedding ceremonies. The latest marriage proposal fiascos remind us of the Paris Disneyland incident wherein a staff of the theme park interrupted a man proposing to his beloved on a stage spoiling the couple’s important moment.

In Brisbane, Australia, Luke Aukuso chose a scenic pier to propose to his fiancee and bring their little daughter along to open the diamond ring box last month. The script, however, went differently as the ring slips out of the box and fell through the boardwalk gaps and six meters down to the shallow water.

A videographer’s record of the unfolding confusion went viral on TikTok. Aukuso decided to retrieve the ring by diving down into just one-meter deep water despite the cameraman’s warning. Fortunately, he safely recovered the expensive engagement ring.

The wedding proposal of a man before a huge crowd watching the Major League Baseball match between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre grandstand in Toronto, Canada last week fared worse than the pier blooper.

The man was caught on video stopping his girlfriend midgame as she walked down the stairs to her seat in the stadium, New York Post reported. The viral video shows him kissing her, saying “I love you,” kneeling on the stairs, and pulling a black box out of his left jean pocket.

Spectators and the MLB camera join in recording the romantic scene but the woman’s excitement melts away as he opens the box to reveal a Ring Pop, a diamond-shaped lollipop worn on the finger like a ring, according to the report. The hand covering the embarrassed woman’s mouth then went to the cheek of the guy. Seconds after slapping him, she threw her drink at the man to the horror of watching fans.

More shocking was the recent garden wedding of Kayle Stead, 27, at Oxwich Bay Hotel in Gower, Wales, United Kingdom.

Groom Kallum Norton, a 24-year-old police officer, did not show up on the wedding day for an unknown reason. His father only called the bride one hour before the ceremony starts to tell her that his son was unharmed.

Stead later told Mirror that she did not want the paid £12,000 wedding event to go to waste and to spoil the ready guests’ expectations. She also did not want to remember the failed wedding with sadness.

So Stead proceeded with the ceremony minus the exchange of I dos, of course. She sang with the bridal party, punched the top of the wedding cake, and danced with the groomsmen, her brother, and her dad, Plymouth Herald reported.

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