Private push helps Filipinos find jobs

The Philippine Statistics Authority’s latest labor force survey found that 2.6 million Filipinos were unemployed this July.

Of this number, the underprivileged were affected the most. Many good jobs require a college degree and most job hunters don’t have access to learn or upskill. Meanwhile, those living with children and the elderly have an inadequate support system.

To help address the social problem, Mars Wrigley has launched a training-to-employment initiative. The Experiential Learning Program is a two-week course where students learn basics such as communication skills and Microsoft Office and Teams, including exposure to operational proficiency in different areas at the Mars Wrigley factory.

Once training is completed, students are endorsed to partner companies for potential employment. They may also be deployed to the Mars Wrigley’s Antipolo factory, where some of its most iconic brands such as Doublemint, COOL AIR, and Juicy Fruit are made.

Uplifting communities

Through the Experiential Learning Program, the leading confectionery manufacturer helps the underprivileged gain valuable skills that strengthen their credentials and employability. It is open to residents of Antipolo City and nearby municipalities in Rizal Province, in order to revitalize and uplift the community it operates in.

Mars Wrigley said it collaborated with select non-governmental organizations, such as Smile Train and YULA Women’s Initiative Inc., to provide a unique opportunity for employment to these communities.

“The initiatives of Mars Wrigley, from its inclusive hiring practices to its experiential training program, have provided prospects for older patients and their family members to learn valuable work skills,” Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, the vice president for Southeast Asia of Smile Train, the largest cleft -focused organization, said.

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