Sabin Aboitiz, quantum leader

Welcome to the 21st century, where the world is characterized by quantum changes and disruption. But how can we adapt to it?

We need modern leaders.

In the Philippines, one of the names that has been making headlines is Sabin Aboitiz. Either because of his business savvy that leverages digital technology or the various civic projects under his empire of businesses he has built, he is always in the news.

But who is he and why should the world need to know the man?

Sabin Aboitiz is aiming to lead the private sector in helping the government provide the best services to the people.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos personally requested him to convene and lead the Private Sector Advisory Council to strengthen the participation of the private sector in nation-building.

In accepting the role as PSAC convenor, the Aboitiz Group chief vowed to bring together the country’s business minds.

The council is composed of business leaders and experts who will be supporting the government in meeting its economic objectives across five main sectoral groups.

The newly-established council will help create more jobs, digitize processes, improve agricultural productivity through the recalibration of micro, small and medium enterprises, and ensure an inclusive business landscape.

PSAC’s sectoral groups will regularly report to the President to provide feedback on what is happening on the ground and will make recommendations on modern policy development.

PSAC said the Philippines is ready to reap the economic benefits of its renewed partnership with the United States.

Benefiting from friendly ties

Marcos, with some of his cabinet members and the Philippine business delegation, recently met with several business leaders from different US companies who committed to be part of the Philippines’ development and economic growth.

Both the US and the Philippines will be working together in addressing some of the country’s key economic challenges, particularly climate change, food security, and energy security, just to name a few.

Sabin said the US trip will further reinvigorate PSAC as they get back to work and address the tasks ahead with optimism and sheer determination.

“This trip was a resounding success. (The US has) secured commitment to transform the lives of all Filipinos by directly investing in our economy. (The President) came here on a mission for our people, we all did, and that mission was accomplished. We felt the love from the Americans here, and Filipinos will feel it at home and around the world,” Aboitiz said.

Aboitiz was also part of the Philippine business delegation who met with several senior executives from various American firms. He also joined the second roundtable dialogue with the chief executive officers in the Digital Infrastructure industry in New York, USA last week.

The Philippine delegation hosted four CEO roundtable discussions that dealt with key economic sectors such as IT-BPM, digital infrastructure, global brands particularly garments and apparel, and industry and infrastructure.

Marcos had earlier expressed his satisfaction with what they have accomplished in just a short period.

“Overall, I can say that I consider the trip a success, and overall I am satisfied with the work that we have done. We did what we set out to do and talked to everyone we needed to talk to. And that kind of response is, of course, very gratifying,” he said.

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