IRR on SIM registration now being drafted

The Department of Information and Communications Technology said it will push for a fully digital registration of subscriber identity module cards to streamline compliance with Republic Act 11934.

During a public briefing on Thursday, DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy said the concerned agency has started drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the newly-signed SIM Card Registration Act.
“The IRR will clarify the details of the law, including violations of data privacy with the corresponding penalty. If not mistaken, a penalty could amount from P500,000 to P4 million. We need to have an outline of how much the penalty would be for certain offenses,” Uy said.

“The IRR will also help determine whether registration will be done online or will require a physical appearance. But of course, the preferred mode will be online since that is more viable considering the number of people who will register their SIMs,” he added.

Uy reiterated that onsite registration can be difficult because people will flock to the registration area. So far, there were about 144 to 150 million issued prepaid cards.

Mobile phone subscribers should present a valid government-issued identification card with a photo during SIM card registration.

A SIM card may be registered for use by a minor but should be under the name of a parent or a guardian.

On Monday, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. signed the SIM Card Registration Act amid the proliferation of text spam. It was the first law signed by Marcos since he assumed the presidency.

The law will be effective 15 days after publication in the Official Gazette. Uy said the IRR will be released after 60 days of the effectivity of the law.

“The IRR will be released by the NTC within 60 days and it will give a leeway of 120 days or six months for subscribers to register their SIMs,” he said.

According to Uy, any person can register multiple SIM cards as long as the owner is properly identified.

The law mandates that all new SIM cards sold after its effectivity should be deactivated and new users are required to register their SIM cards with their service providers.

Since the registration will be at the point of sale, a SIM card will not be sold to a user who refuses to provide the required personal information.

Meanwhile, existing postpaid and prepaid mobile phone subscribers will have to register their SIM cards within six months to avoid deactivation. Unregistered SIMs will be automatically deactivated.
Foreigners and tourists, on the other hand, should present a passport and provide a local address.

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