Creator community festival returns to live stage in November

YouTube Fanfest is set to return to the live stage this year at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The show will be livestreamed globally on 11 November 2022 on the YouTube Fanfest channel at 5:30 p.m.
YouTube Fanfest has been showcasing the diversity of the creator community, with regional and in-country events across Asia Pacific since its inaugural show in Singapore in 2013.

This year, it celebrates the growth and success of YTFF, and showcases its new wave of creator and artist talents that are taking the festival into the next 10 years. The show is being held in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board, Marina Bay Sands, and Singapore Airlines.

AC Bonifacio, Ranz, Niana and Natalia (Philippines) will be performing live onstage together with CarryMinati, Noor Chahal, Be YouNick (India), Nihongo Mantappu, StarBe, Ricis Official, & Atta Halilintar (Indonesia), Billlie (Korea), Travis Japan (Johnny’s Jr. Channel), RAB (Real Akiba Boyz) and Akanekikaku, [Tomioka Dance Club] (Japan) with a high energy entertainment-focused showcase from top channels across the region.

The show will feature hosts like Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane (India), Georgia Productions (Australia), and Annette Lee (Singapore). There will also be musical performances and live appearances from some of Singapore’s top creators — on stage at YTFF for the first time.

Photograph courtesy of fb/ac bonofacio
AC Bonifacio to perform in Singapore’s Youtube fanfest.

Creators across multiple verticals, including Gaming, Beauty, Food, and Comedy, will be sharing their content at Fanfest 10 with a series of fun cross market collaborations.

Fans who want to attend the live event in Singapore will be able to sign up for General Admission tickets starting on PouchNation from 10 a.m. SGT on Thursday, 13 October. GA Tickets are available for free but there will be limited seating available.

There will also be virtual Meet & Greets in the week following the live show, from 17 to 21 November. Participating creators and artists will be posting instructions on their social handles on how to apply for Superfan tickets and virtual Meet & Greets.

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