Demoralization rocks PNP personnel, retirees (5)

Hereunder is the concluding portion of the impassioned defense of the men and women in uniform for the retention of the present police and military retirement pension and a scathing attack against its proponent and those supporting its dismantling, to wit:

“We kindly appeal not to equate the JOBs of the MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM with that of the other GOVERNMENT employee (with all due respect to them) BAKA NAKAKALIMUTAN NINYO na ang PUHUNAN ng mga MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM SA PANG LILINGKOD SA TAONG BAYAN at sa bansa ay ang KANILANG BUHAY (You might have forgotten that the men and women of uniform have invested their lives for the service of country and people).

“THE MOMENT A POLICE OR MILITARY OFFICER MAN STEPS OUT FROM THE DOORSTEPS OF THEIR HOUSES, half of their body is ALREADY considered BURIED six (6) feet below the ground because there is no ASSURANCE THAT they WILL GO HOME STILL ALIVE and intact owing to the INHERENT DANGER and perils attached to their job.

“Not only that, but when the populace is on HOLIDAY, our POLICEMEN AND WOMEN ARE ON DUTY AND ON RED ALERT!


“Most often THEY MISS FAMILY ACTIVITIES, and many more bonding moments because they have to be OUT THERE IN THE FIELD PROVIDING SECURITY and MAINTAINING PEACE TO ALL OUR PEOPLE and their properties, While the public in general, particularly the government officials, especially the highest paying Cabinet member, are spending their HOLIDAYS and ENJOYING THEIR TIME.

“DESPITE their SACRIFICES and SERVICES, the Bureaucracy makes them their favorite whipping BOY! HUWAG NAMAN GANYAN (Please spare us)

DAHIL BA SA HINDI SILA MAKA PAG SALITA DAHIL TAKOT SILANG MAWALA SA PWESTO O POSISYON, EH GANUN NA LANG (Is it because they are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their positions and jobs)?

Just to remind us about the past, THE FAVORITE BYLINES OF GOVERNMENT FISCAL MANAGERS EVER SINCE are: ‘MERON BA TAYONG BUDGET, (OR WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS) EVER SINCE GANUN NA ANG DRAMA, KAILAN BA NAGING SAPAT (That has always been the excuse, why was there ever a time that the funds were sufficient)?’

“BEFORE EDSA Revolution the basic salary of an AFP/POLICE LIEUTENANT is more or less P1,300. After EDSA, it was raised to P 3,500. Sabi ng mga fiscal managers walang pera pero bakit na gawa nila itaas ng almost 100 percent ang sweldo ng mga MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM, (The fiscal managers said then there were not enough funds, how come they were able to raise the salaries of the men and women in uniform to almost 100 percent during that time) ?

Yan din siguro ang RASON KAYA HINDI NA NAG TAGUMPAY ANG ang mga sumunod na COUP DE E’TAT (That could be the reason why the series of military rebellion did not succeed).

“The same thing happened during Tatay Digong’s Term — the SALARY of the MUPs was almost doubled and we WITNESSED THE IMPACT OF SUCH action, both in terms of PEACE, SECURITY and ECONOMY.

The economy became vibrant despite the PANDEMIC. The TERRORISTS were defeated. The CRIMINALS SCAMPERED AWAY. The DRUG LORDS AND PUSHERS FLED, and the DRUG ADDICTS VANISHED from the streets. There was PEACE in the COMMUNITY and the PEOPLE felt SECURED.”

The narrative of those belonging to the security forces of the country is sensible and truthful even as it is pained and outraged.

A word of caution to those who are pushing for this dangerous pension proposal, do not fan the smoldering embers of discontent, for you might find yourselves in the bowels of fire — and be reduced to ashes by the raging inferno.

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