PBBM wishes Phl women’s football team best of luck

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Friday called on the Philippine women’s national football team to “break barriers and inspire generations” in their historic appearance in the FIFA World Cup 2023.

In a tweet, Marcos wished the Filipinas football team the best of luck in their historic appearance in their scheduled group match against Switzerland in Dunedin, New Zealand on Friday.

“We wish the Filipinas’ team the best of luck as they make history in their FIFA World Cup debut!” Marcos said in his tweet.

“The entire nation stands behind you with pride, watching you break barriers and inspire generations,” the President added.

The 22-strong women’s football team made its historic debut appearance in the prestigious FIFA World Cup after winning several qualifying matches progressing beyond their group stage in the Asian Cup in 2022.

Also known as the “Malditas,” the team advanced further into the semifinals to qualify for the World Cup, marking the first time the Philippines participated in the global tournament in its 42-year history.

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