Sustainable urban living


A home is not just a roof over our heads and more than a shelter. It is the most essential place in our lives.

Over the past few years, green homes with sustainable designs have become increasingly popular as homebuyers understand the environmental and long-term cost-saving benefits of an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Gerrett Lim, CEO of The Mews Development Corporation, said, “Sustainable buildings are a critical component to achieve a sustainable development to combat climate change because they minimize water and energy consumption.”

In partnership with Terra Solutions Realty, Lim is offering the Mariposa Mews, a mid-rise development targeting to be the first commercially available LEED for Homes certified project in the country. Mariposa Mews aims to elevate the living experience of homebuyers and is located along C. Benitez and Mariposa Street, Quezon City, which features modern luxury design and thoughtfully designed spacious units that suit your lifestyle needs.

According to Lim, Mariposa Mews has created homes that keep a holistic approach to sustainability with a more durable, more energy-lean, naturally comfortable, and demonstrably healthier than a conventional home.

“We’ve kept our footprints light and our foundations strong,” he added.

LEED and LEED certification

According to estimates, the global demand for green and sustainable projects reached $364.6 billion last year. Over the next 25 years, the demand for low-impact green buildings will grow exponentially and change the construction landscape forever. Property developers must adopt the green construction concept to stay ahead of the game.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification was established by a group of architects, engineers, and builders in the 1990s as a globally accepted process that evaluates a building project’s sustainability efforts. LEED has developed a points scale recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council for energy-efficient homes.

LEED certification is a way of recognizing the sustainability of construction projects. LEED-certified buildings are designed and built to reduce energy and water consumption, minimize waste, improve indoor air quality, and use environmentally friendly materials. Builders using sustainable methods value the LEED rating system and certification.

A LEED certification is a valuable recognition for homeowners and buyers interested in reducing their carbon footprint by living in a sustainable home. Homeowners and buyers can benefit from LEED certification by enjoying lower utility bills, healthier living spaces, and reduced environmental impact.

JINGGOY Noble and Gerett Lim.


Sustainable urban planning

“Because of its construction and features, a green or sustainable building can improve and even maintain the quality of life of the homeowners and the environment in which the building is located,” Lim stressed.

However, he explained that to achieve maximum efficiency, it is critical to reduce the consumption of water, energy, and other resources to minimize pollution or carbon footprint.

“By bearing this globally recognized standard in sustainable development, we aim to lead our region toward a new era of industry, one that places value on building practices that work in harmony with our local environment,” Lim added.

Mariposa Mews used eco-friendly materials, like Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, instead of traditional hollow blocks. The AAC is made of mostly recycled materials and cured by steam that requires less cement and water, cutting our carbon emissions by half.


Efficient energy

“We designed our insulation, ventilation, air conditioning, water heating, and lighting infrastructure to be energy lean. Mariposa’s sustainable building systems significantly reduce the impact of our carbon-based energy consumption,” Lim said.

This means a lighter carbon footprint and lower monthly utility bills for the homeowners.


Light and air

Time in the sun and access to quality air are pivotal in sustaining good health. Mariposa designed its homes to have access to natural light in 95% of the spaces. Mariposa Mews provides unrestricted access to fresh, flowing air in every unit and section of the building.


The Mariposa project

This modern-themed condominium community comprises an abundant array of leisure amenities fit for your family’s lifestyle. Beautifully nestled along the city’s confines, Mariposa Mews brings you a relaxed but secure ambiance topped with the utmost exclusivity, ensuring you of a place you can call ‘home.’

Mariposa Mews is located in Quezon City, famous for its eclectic mix of quirky shops, stylish restaurants, cafés, and hip bars and clubs. Food lovers can rejoice in the wide selection of globally inspired cuisine. Self-care buffs can indulge in the many-day spas and beauty and wellness salons for much-needed pampering. Residents can opt for an exciting night at the neighborhood’s local clubs and music bars.

Mariposa Mews houses a refreshing mix of amenities and facilities intended for you to make the most out of life. Perfect for upwardly mobile, young, and growing families and accomplished individuals, this development offers a secure environment with access to all the essential places.

With a comprehensive host of amenities and facilities, everything is in place so you can shift gears to rejuvenate and be your most creative and successful self.

Find your peaceful, uncluttered home where nature and contemporary living meet in Mariposa Mews—characterized by modern architecture and design that maximizes natural light and ventilation that speaks evidently in all its units.

For inquiries, email Terra Solutions at or call 0966-7882216 and 0908-6781759.

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