Food Stamp program officially a govt flagship project

The government’s food stamp program is now officially a flagship project under Executive Order (EO) No. 44, Malacañang said on Sunday.

In a statement from the Presidential Communications Office, Malacañang formally introduced the “Walang Gutom 2027: Food Stamp Program” as a flagship project of the national government.

The EO, which Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin signed on Thursday, made the Department of Social Welfare and Development the main government agency overseeing the food stamp program.

“The DSWD shall undertake the necessary steps for the successful implementation and expansion of the Food Stamp Program including, but not limited to, the identification of eligible beneficiaries and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure efficient and timely distribution and use of food stamps,” the EO read.

Since a whole-of-government method is needed, Malacañang asked the national government agencies and local government units to help DSWD ensure the program’s smooth implementation.

The Palace also told DSWD to craft the implementing rules of the EO within 30 days of its effect.

It says in the EO that the program’s funds will come from DSWD’s budget and its partner agencies.

The PCO said that the food stamp program is in line with the country’s promise to reach UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 2 by 2030, which is to end hunger, gain food security, better nutrition, and support sustainable agriculture.

The program also fits with one of the goals of the Philippine Development Plan 2023–2028 and the administration’s 8-Point Socioeconomic Agenda, which is to make sure that Filipinos have access to safe, healthy food and are getting enough nutrition.

Under the program, the DSWD will give out electronic benefit transfer cards with P3,000 worth of food credits every month. These cards can be used to buy a certain list of foods from DSWD-registered or accredited stores.

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